Driving Growth and Innovation: Nuvias UC’s Strategic New Leader

Nuvias UC has announced the appointment of industry veteran Wayne Gratton as Chief Commercial Officer. Gratton, formerly of Infinigate and co-founder of Clarity Technology, brings over 25 years of experience and a record of strategic leadership.

In his new role, he aims to build innovative solutions to spur market growth and new opportunities across Nuvias UC’s portfolio, utilising data and business analytics to support and drive partner development.

  • Nuvias UC has appointed Wayne Gratton as its Chief Commercial Officer.
  • Gratton brings over 25 years of experience in distribution and has a track record of strategic leadership.
  • His role will focus on building innovative solutions and leveraging data analytics to support the growth of Nuvias UC and its partnerships.

A New Chapter for Nuvias UC

Nuvias UC has confirmed the appointment of Wayne Gratton as their new Chief Commercial Officer.

Meet the New Chief Commercial Officer

With a quarter of a century in the distribution sector, Gratton is no stranger to strategic leadership roles. His professional journey has seen him hold significant positions at Infinigate and Clarity Technology, a company he co-founded and nurtured into a £200 million business within eight years.

Gratton’s Vision for Nuvias UC

At Nuvias UC, Gratton aims to utilise his strategic acumen and wealth of experience to further fortify the company’s standing in the collaboration market. He will concentrate on innovating solutions to bolster market growth and unearth new opportunities within the Nuvias UC portfolio.

Moreover, Gratton plans to harness the potency of data and business analytics to augment the company’s partnerships, driving their development and offering bespoke solutions that cater to the dynamic requirements of resellers and their clientele.

“I am delighted to be joining Nuvias UC at an exciting time in the development of the business and the unified communications market in general,” commented Gratton. “The evolving landscape and speed of change presents a renewed opportunity for our reseller and vendor partners to work with us in realising high-growth opportunities, and we will remain strategically focused on delivering exceptional service, building meaningful relationships and extending our strong emphasis on accessing growth markets.”

CEO’s Remarks on the Appointment

Joel Chimoindes, CEO of Nuvias UC, expressed his enthusiasm regarding Gratton’s appointment. He acclaimed Gratton’s impressive track record in spurring growth and emphasised the alignment between his experience and the strategic vision of Nuvias UC.

Final Thoughts

In an industry as dynamic as unified communications, the value of strategic leadership cannot be overstated. Gratton’s appointment comes at a crucial time for Nuvias UC, and his wealth of experience and strategic insight could be the catalyst the company needs to reach new heights.

As we observe the evolution of the unified communications market in the coming months, one thing is certain – Nuvias UC is poised for an interesting journey under the leadership of Wayne Gratton.


Q: Who is Wayne Gratton?
A: Wayne Gratton is the newly appointed Chief Commercial Officer of Nuvias UC, a leading provider of unified communications, collaboration, and cloud solutions.

Q: What is Wayne Gratton’s background?
A: Wayne Gratton has over 25 years of experience in distribution and has held various senior technical and leadership roles. He co-founded Clarity Technology, which grew into a £200m business in eight years before being acquired by Avnet. He also served as the Marketing Vice President at Infinigate.

Q: What will Wayne Gratton focus on in his new role?
A: Wayne Gratton will focus on building an innovative solution set to enable market growth and new opportunities across the Nuvias UC portfolio. He will also bring the power of data and business analytics to the company’s partnerships to support and drive their development.

Q: How does Wayne Gratton plan to meet the evolving needs of resellers and their customers?
A: Wayne Gratton plans to provide comprehensive, tailored solutions that meet the evolving needs of resellers and their customers. He will use data and business analytics to support and drive the development of partnerships, ensuring exceptional service and meaningful relationships.

Q: What are the goals of Nuvias UC with Wayne Gratton’s appointment?
A: The goals of Nuvias UC with Wayne Gratton’s appointment are to realise high-growth opportunities in the unified communications market, deliver exceptional service, build meaningful relationships, and access growth markets. They aim to achieve market leadership and success with Wayne’s strategic leadership and experience.


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