Vivitek and AVer Collaborate to Enhance Video Conferencing Experience

Vivitek, a leading brand in visual display and wireless collaboration solutions, has announced its compatibility with AVer’s advanced video technology for an improved video conferencing experience. Users of Vivitek’s NovoConnect ecosystem, popular in the education and corporate sectors, can now benefit from AVer’s award-winning video collaboration technology. The integration offers a wider variety of high-quality cameras with improved wireless audio-visual capabilities from AVer’s Pro AV and video conferencing product lines.

  • Vivitek has enhanced its video conferencing experience by integrating AVer’s advanced cameras into its NovoConnect ecosystem.
  • AVer cameras like the PTC310UV2, PTZ310UNV2, VB130, and CAM340+ are now seamlessly compatible with Vivitek’s NovoConnect, offering users a wider range of high-quality camera options.

Elevating Video Conference Experiences with Vivitek and AVer

Vivitek, the visual display brand celebrated for its meeting space solutions, has recently announced its improved video conferencing experience. This enhancement comes through the integration of AVer video technology, a recognised name in the industry. This move promises a more dynamic, interactive wireless collaboration experience for users, thanks to Vivitek’s NovoConnect.

NovoConnect, NovoDisplay and NovoTouch: AVer’s New Best Friends

The NovoConnect ecosystem is a brainchild of Vivitek, designed to provide an intuitive solution for wireless connectivity and collaboration. The system allows users to integrate wireless sharing into any display in any room.

Vivitek’s NovoDisplay and NovoTouch displays come with built-in NovoConnect functionality. These displays, in particular the NovoConnect NC-X900 and NC-X500, transform any display into a hub for digital signage or high-resolution wireless mirroring.

With this recent development, users can now select from a wider range of high-quality cameras. The AVer cameras boast superior wireless audio-visual capabilities that sync seamlessly with the NovoConnect Ecosystem. Among the compatible products from AVer are the highly rated PTC310UV2, PTZ310UNV2, VB130 and CAM340+.

Words from Vivitek EMEA

Holger Graeff, General Manager of Vivitek EMEA, expressed his pride in the collaboration. He stated,

“Vivitek is proud to include AVer cameras in the Novo Ecosystem. With incredible lenses and user-centric features, AVer cameras undoubtedly provide some of the best video conferencing experiences in the industry. This partnership reflects our commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions that elevate the collaborative experience for customers across a wide range of industries and applications.”

David Kuo, AVer’s Director, also expressed his excitement about the compatibility of AVer cameras with the NovoConnect Ecosystem.

Final Thoughts

This partnership signifies a step forward in the realm of video conferencing. By combining the capabilities of Vivitek’s NovoConnect with AVer’s advanced camera technology, users are set to enjoy an enhanced, more seamless video conferencing experience. As we continue to navigate the hybrid workplace, such advancements are not just welcome, but essential. The collaboration between Vivitek and AVer is indeed a promising stride towards a more connected future.


Q: What is NovoConnect and how does it enhance the video conferencing experience?
A: NovoConnect is an intuitive solution concept for wireless connectivity and collaboration that enables users to easily achieve a productivity-enhancing workflow via a dynamic and interactive wireless collaboration experience.

Q: What types of rooms can benefit from integrating wireless sharing with NovoConnect?
A: Users can integrate wireless sharing into any display in any type of room, making NovoConnect popular in sectors ranging from education to corporates.

Q: What are NovoDisplay and NovoTouch displays, and how do they enhance collaboration?
A: NovoDisplay and NovoTouch displays are large format display devices that have built-in NovoConnect functionality, empowering them to deliver wireless collaboration and digital signage capabilities through any NovoConnect product. NovoTouch displays specifically are touch panels.

Q: Which AVer cameras are compatible with the NovoConnect Ecosystem?
A: AVer cameras such as the PTC310UV2, PTZ310UNV2, VB130 and CAM340+ from its Pro AV and video conferencing product lines are compatible with the NovoConnect Ecosystem, providing users with a wider variety of high-quality camera options.

Q: What type of rooms are the PTC310UV2 and PTZ310UNV2 recommended for?
A: The PTC310UV2 and PTZ310UNV2 are Pro AV cameras that perform exceptionally well in larger-sized auditoriums or lecture halls, with the PTZ310UNV2 supporting the most advanced NDI® HX3 standard.

Q: Which AVer cameras are suitable for huddle (smaller) rooms to medium-sized conference rooms?
A: The VB130 and CAM340+ are excellent choices for customers seeking solutions for huddle (smaller) rooms to medium-sized conference rooms.


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