Telcom Strengthens Leadership Team With Elliot Mueller As CEO And Steve Best As Non-Executive Director

Telcom, the UK’s leading full fibre and wireless network provider, strengthens its board with the appointment of two senior executives. Elliott Mueller takes the helm as CEO after a successful tenure at prominent telecoms organisations, while Steve Best brings a wealth of industry experience as the new Non-Executive Director. The appointments mark a pivotal moment in Telcom’s growth trajectory, backed by Gresham House, as it continues to expand its network and serve businesses across the UK with dedicated internet connectivity.

  • Elliott Mueller, the new CEO, brings vast experience from leading organisations in the telecommunications sector and a strong focus on creating shareholder value and customer service.
  • Steve Best, the new Non-Executive Director, brings significant experience from major UK telecom companies like EE and BT, enhancing Telcom’s growth objectives.
  • Telcom appoints Elliott Mueller as CEO and Steve Best as Non-Executive Director to strengthen its C-Suite and board.

Board Reinforcements for Telcom

In a strategic move to bolster its leadership team, Telcom, a leading full fibre and fixed wireless internet network provider in the UK, has revealed the appointment of two industry stalwarts. Taking the helm as CEO is Elliott Mueller, while Steve Best will serve as a Non-Executive Director.

Introducing the New CEO

Elliott Mueller, a respected figure in the telecommunications sector, steps up to the role of CEO. Mueller’s previous executive experience includes stints at JT Global, Metronet, and Tele2. His proven track record in value creation, coupled with his commitment to superior customer service, aligns well with Telcom’s ethos.

Chris Baldock, Telcom’s Chairman, expressed his confidence in the appointment, stating,

“We are delighted to welcome Elliott as our new CEO and we are confident that we have made the perfect appointment for Telcom. Elliott is a dynamic, values-driven business leader with a diverse background of experiences and an excellent track record of delivery in the telecommunications sector.”

A Non-Executive Director Joins the Fold

Adding to the board’s strength is Steve Best, who steps in as a Non-Executive Director. Best brings to the table vast experience from his previous leadership roles at prominent telecom companies like EE and BT. The Chairman of Telcom anticipates that Best’s in-depth knowledge of the sector will greatly contribute to Telcom’s upcoming growth initiatives.

Final Thoughts

These appointments come at a significant time for Telcom. The company is not only expanding its network at a rapid pace, but also making significant strides in its mission to provide businesses with dedicated internet access. With the addition of Mueller and Best, it seems Telcom is well-positioned to surmount the challenges ahead and make the most of its growth opportunities. The infusion of their leadership and experience into Telcom’s board is a testament to the company’s commitment to strengthening its position in the market and delivering on its promise of superior connectivity services. The future looks bright for Telcom, and we’ll be watching closely as they continue to make waves in the telecommunications sector.


Q: Who are the two senior executives recently appointed by Telcom?
A: Elliott Mueller has been appointed as the CEO, and Steve Best has joined as a Non-Executive Director.

Q: What is Elliott Mueller’s background in the telecommunications sector?
A: Elliott Mueller has previously served as CEO of JT Global, Metronet, and Tele2, showcasing vast experience in the telecommunications sector.

Q: What is Steve Best’s experience in the UK telecom industry?
A: Steve Best has served on the boards or held executive leadership roles with major UK telecom companies, including EE and BT, bringing a wealth of experience to the Telcom board.

Q: What was the reason for Elliott Mueller’s appointment as CEO?
A: Elliott Mueller was appointed as CEO due to his dynamic leadership style, values-driven approach, diverse experiences, excellent track record in the telecommunications sector, and passion for customer service and delivery.

Q: What is Telcom’s approach to network infrastructure management?
A: Telcom differentiates itself by building, owning, and managing the entire network infrastructure end-to-end, allowing for faster rollout and connecting customers in days rather than months.

Q: What recent acquisition has Telcom made to expand its network?
A: Telcom recently acquired Luminet in London, adding to its existing networks in Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, and Birmingham, enhancing its position as a trusted partner for internet connectivity for businesses across major UK cities.


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