Revolutionary Video Conferencing Brand, Boom Collaboration, Partners with Westcoast for Global Success

Boom Collaboration, has named Westcoast as its official UK distributor, a move set to boost international sales. Formed in 2020, Texas-based Boom Collaboration provides high-performance devices like 4K PTZ conferencing cameras and video bars.

With an operation spanning 30 countries, this partnership with Westcoast will extend its reach to over 5,000 resellers. The deal aims not only to launch Boom’s brand in the UK but also to establish long-term relationships with resellers, offering them unique, innovative solutions to meet the changing needs of the conferencing sector.

  • Boom Collaboration has appointed Westcoast as its official UK distributor to boost international sales.
  • Boom Collaboration offers a range of high-performance video conferencing products, including 4K PTZ cameras and video bars.
  • Westcoast is confident that the partnership with Boom Collaboration will be a big success and offer resellers something different.

Boom Collaboration Appoints Westcoast as Official UK Distributor

In an exciting move, the rapidly expanding video conferencing manufacturer, Boom Collaboration, has recently named Westcoast as their official UK distributor. This strategic partnership is set to act as the springboard for greater global sales success.

Providing Advanced Conferencing Products

Westcoast will offer the full range of Boom Collaboration’s cutting-edge products, which include 4K PTZ conferencing cameras, video bars, personal devices, and audio speakers. These will now be accessible to over 5,000 active resellers throughout the UK and beyond. Established in 2020, Boom Collaboration has made waves in the sector with its high-performance, high-value advanced products.

Global Expansion and Sales Success

Boom Collaboration, a visionary venture co-founded by Fredrik Hörnkvist and Holli Hulett, currently operates in 30 countries, with plans to expand into 20 more. This ambitious Texas-based business has already added 12 new markets to its portfolio this year alone. Their global reach is supported by four logistics centres spread across the world, ensuring a smooth distribution process.

“Westcoast provides us with the perfect platform to officially launch the brand into the UK and open the door to sustained sales success – for all parties and most importantly their resellers. We want to offer something a little different both in terms of our products and how we do business. We are not another ‘me-too’ brand,” Hörnkvist highlights.

A Welcome Addition to Westcoast

Westcoast’s UC Business Manager, Sam Armstrong, has expressed confidence in this new partnership and welcomes the addition of Boom Collaboration to their portfolio. He acknowledges that although Boom Collaboration may be a new name in the conferencing sector, the company has already built an impressive reputation for its comprehensive product range and innovative solutions.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Boom’s co-founder Hulett emphasises the importance of cultivating long-term partnerships. Despite their relative newness to the sector, they are not daunted and are eager to disrupt the industry with their fresh ideas and unique approach.

Final Thoughts

This partnership between Boom Collaboration and Westcoast is poised to significantly influence the conferencing sector, providing high-quality, innovative solutions to a wide range of resellers. With the backing of a powerful distributor like Westcoast, Boom Collaboration is set to make a significant impact on the UK and international markets, further fuelling their already impressive growth strategy. This is indeed a key step in their journey, and it seems that Boom is truly beginning to boom.


Q: What products does Westcoast distribute for Boom Collaboration?
A: Westcoast distributes the complete Boom Collaboration range, including 4K PTZ conferencing cameras, video bars, personal devices, and audio speakers.

Q: How many resellers does Westcoast supply Boom Collaboration products to?
A: Westcoast supplies Boom Collaboration products to more than 5,000 active resellers across the UK and beyond.

Q: In how many countries does Boom Collaboration operate?
A: Boom Collaboration operates in 30 countries and has plans to extend to 20 more, having added 12 new markets already this year.

Q: What are some of the innovative devices available through Westcoast from Boom Collaboration?
A: Some of the innovative devices available through Westcoast include the Boom UNO vertical video bar, MAGNA 4K PTZ camera, GEMINI expandable audio innovation, and the GOJO multi-camera controller.

Q: What is Boom Collaboration’s vision?
A: Boom Collaboration’s vision is based on creating better meetings. They offer future-proof solutions with solid components and technology to stand the test of time.

Q: What are Boom Collaboration’s goals as a company?
A: Boom Collaboration aims to disrupt the video conferencing sector and stand out from the crowd by creating high-performance, high-value advanced products. They want to offer something different in terms of their products and how they do business.

Q: Why did Boom Collaboration choose Westcoast as its UK distributor?
A: Boom Collaboration chose Westcoast as its UK distributor because it provides the perfect platform to officially launch the brand in the UK and open the door to sustained sales success. They believe that Westcoast can offer their resellers something different and help them transition to the new world of video conferencing.

Q: What is Boom Collaboration’s approach to building relationships with resellers?
A: Boom Collaboration believes in offering the highest levels of support to resellers through the distribution channel and going the extra mile with partners like Westcoast. They want to help resellers transition to the new world of video conferencing and are happy to provide assistance.

Q: How does Boom Collaboration plan to penetrate the UK and international markets?
A: Boom Collaboration plans to penetrate the UK and wider international markets by joining forces with industry powerhouse Westcoast. This partnership will add further fuel to their growth strategy and enable them to reach a larger customer base.


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