Discover the Rose Shure Experience Center: Cutting-Edge Audio Technology in London

James Hill, Director of Sales and Country Manager for the UK at Shure, sheds some light on the Shure Experience Center.

In the cross-section between Bank Tube Station and the North Entrance to London Bridge, you’ll be able to find the Rose Shure Experience Centre. 

Packed to the rafters with the latest audio technology and some friendly faces, the Experience Centre really does give you a sense of Shure’s reach in the audio world. From conferencing equipment, event and podcast microphones to mixers used by producers, headphones, and even an Emmy, just being in the lobby tells you almost everything you need to know about how successful the audio professionals have been.

Shure is now inviting businesses to experience that success with a tour of a range of different rooms that demonstrate its conference solutions. Alternatively, these rooms can be booked for use with everything from a small huddle room to a large board room available, as well as a podcast studio.

Each room is fitted with quality AV solutions and is capable of hosting Teams, Zoom, WebEx, and other video calls so that if a team member can’t be there, they won’t miss out on anything. 

Shure invited UC Advanced to the Rose Experience Centre, and after a tour of all the facilities, we spoke to James Hill, Director of Sales and Country Manager for the UK, to discuss how businesses can make the most of the technology on offer.

Why set up the experience centre in the first place?

“The Rose Shure Experience Center was opened to provide an in-depth, immersive product experience. It is a dedicated space for welcoming customers, partners, and industry professionals to experience the latest audio solutions and innovations we have. From conferencing technology to wireless microphone systems, customers can explore our products, discuss their needs with the team and see demonstrations of how products would work in their own facilities.

“We also host various events such as trainings, workshops, press and influencer events, round tables for knowledge exchange, technology partner meetups and various industry events. The space offers state-of-the-art meeting rooms and divisible rooms that can be adapted to whatever the occasion might require, equipped with the highest audio technology and conferencing systems.

“The Rose Experience Center reflects modern offices and educational facilities, offering clients the best possible environment to demonstrate and understand the performance and potential of Shure’s audio technology.”

How many products can you show, and what use cases do they fill?

We can show different products at the Rose Shure Experience Center. In our meeting rooms, we have installed various of our Microflex Ecosystem devices integrated with UC solutions from complementary vendors like Logitech, Poly, or Neat for example, with which we recently partnered to support and enhance audio quality in more complex environments.

Another of our solutions deployed at the Rose Center, is the popular Microflex MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone with voice-lift and camera tracking functionalities, and certified for communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Testing our technology in combination with other UC solutions allows customers to experience the ease of use and flawless integration while also understanding how our conferencing devices would perform in real-world working environments.

We can set up equipment being used at live events or show how our newest Microflex Wireless neXt 2 wireless system would function in a lecture room with participants joining in person and remotely. The MXW neXt 2 is a versatile and innovative all-in-one two-channel wireless system perfect for hybrid environments where moving presenters require connection with video conferencing platforms, for example training spaces, lecture halls or classrooms.

It all depends on what the customer is interested in. The team would display the devices to help customers engage with how our solutions could achieve the same outcomes on their own premises.

When customers invest in high-quality and premium equipment, they are making a long-term commitment. They need confidence in their decision to buy reliable technology that will work well for their particular needs. The Rose Shure Experience Center allows customers to have a better understanding of the possibilities of using Shure solutions.

How do businesses use the facilities on offer?

Businesses and Shure partners can use the facilities to organise different meetups, gatherings, workshops, trainings, and events. Our collective strengths, with almost 100 years of experience in the audio industry, bring together a rich ecosystem of audio professionals and experts that ensure a continuous flow of network and collaboration. Additionally, the Rose Shure Experience Centre is located in the heart of London, ensuring access to key stakeholders for relationship building and valuable business opportunities.

How can businesses find out more?

Businesses interested in learning more about the Rose Shure Experience Centre and the solutions it offers can reach out to [email protected] to request more information, schedule visits or inquire about specific requirements.

They can also reach out to our sales representatives and market development team, as well as connect with the Shure team when attending our events. 


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