Bose Professional Expands Global Presence with Tokyo Office Grand Opening

Bose Professional has celebrated the grand opening of a new sales office and Experience Center in Tokyo, Japan, marking a step in the company’s ongoing global expansion. The office combines modern business spaces with an Experience Center showcasing Bose Professional’s cutting-edge technology. This celebration comes as part of a wider expansion plan, with new offices also opened in Singapore, China and Osaka, and future plans for offices in Dubai, London and Paris.

Bose Professional Marks Its Territory in Tokyo

In a significant stride towards its international expansion, Bose Professional inaugurated a new sales office and Experience Centre in Tokyo, Japan. The new establishment, situated in the thriving Tamachi neighbourhood, offers easy access via multiple major transport lines.

A Blend of Business and Experience

Spanning 270m2, the Tokyo office is a fusion of stylish, modern business spaces and meeting rooms. It also houses a 130m2 Experience Centre – a space for transactions and a platform for education and demonstration. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in Bose Professional’s array of loudspeakers, power amplifiers, processors, controllers and software.

A Grand Opening to Remember

The inauguration held in May was a grand spectacle. Attendees included CEO John Maier, Vice President of International Sales Hans Vereecken and Director of Sales, Japan, Kazuhiro Terada. The event welcomed distinguished guests, industry stalwarts and valued partners.

The ceremony included speeches, a ritual ribbon-cutting and concluded with a traditional Kagami-Biraki sake toast.

“We are very pleased to have successfully opened the Bose Professional Japan office and Experience Center, ” said Terada. “We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to all of you for your kindness and support. With the establishment of our independent company and the opening of our office, all of us at Bose Professional will continue to strive for further development of our business and to meet the needs of our customers.”

Global Expansion on the Horizon

2024 has been a year of expansion for Bose Professional, with new offices and Experience Centres opening in Singapore, Beijing, Shenzen, Shanghai and Osaka. The firm also plans to establish seven more offices in 2024, including in Dubai, Paris and London. A new Bose Professional global headquarters and Experience Centre is slated to open early next year in Hopkinton, Massachusetts.

Final Thoughts

The global expansion of Bose Professional’s offices and Experience Centres demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing high-quality audio experiences worldwide. The Tokyo office, a blend of modern business spaces and an Experience Centre, is an excellent example of the company’s vision for the future. And with more offices set to open around the globe, Bose Professional is poised to further cement its position in the audio industry.


Q: Where is the new Bose Professional office and Experience Center located?
A: The new Bose Professional office and Experience Center is located in the Tamachi neighborhood of Tokyo, Japan.

Q: Who attended the Opening Ceremony of the new office in Tokyo?
A: The Opening Ceremony was attended by CEO John Maier, Vice President of International Sales Hans Vereecken, Director of Sales, Japan, Kazuhiro Terada, esteemed guests, industry leaders and Bose’s valued partners.

Q: In which other locations has Bose Professional opened new offices and Experience Centers in 2024?
A: In 2024, Bose Professional has opened new offices and Experience Centers in Singapore; Beijing, Shenzen, and Shanghai, China; and Osaka, Japan.

Q: What are Bose Professional’s future expansion plans?
A: Bose Professional plans to open seven more offices in 2024, in locations including Dubai, UAE, Paris and London. Additionally, they plan to open a new global headquarters and Experience Center in Hopkinton, Massachusetts early next year.


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