Vivitek D9000Z Series: Redefining Large Venue Projection

Vivitek’s D9000Z Series, a cutting-edge line of single-chip DLP laser projectors, is set to transform large venue projection with unparalleled brightness up to 27,000 lumens and vivid colour reproduction. Available immediately, the series is designed for seamless integration and control in demanding environments and has operational features tailored for large venues, from auditoriums to outdoor spaces. The D9000Z Series also incorporates advanced image processing and offers streamlined projector setup and management.Ā 

  • Vivitek has launched the D9000Z Series of single-chip DLP laser projectors designed for large venue projection.
  • The D9000Z Series offers up to 27,000 lumens of brightness, vivid colour reproduction, and advanced image processing capabilities.
  • The projectors come with streamlined setup and management features, including PJ-Control software and the ViviCam App, catering to system integrators in the rental and staging markets.

ReEnergising Large Venue Projection

A new dawn in the world of large venue projections is upon us. The D9000Z Series, a trailblazing line of single-chip DLP laser projectors, has been unveiled. This series, specifically engineered to redefine brilliance and innovation, promises to significantly transform projections in demanding environments.

Performance Optimised for Large Venues

The D9000Z Series isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about function and performance. Designed to cater to the varying needs of large venues – from extensive auditoriums to outdoor environments, and even immersive mapping applications – these projectors offer incredible brightness of up to 27,000 lumens.

This impressive lumen output ensures the perfect balance of remarkable clarity and vibrant colours across diverse applications and environments. The D9000Z Series doesn’t just stop at performance; it also utilises the latest power supply technology and laser light source efficiency to reduce power consumption, consequently cutting operational expenses.

Unrivalled Colour Reproduction

Expect to witness vivid and lifelike images with the D9000Z Series, thanks to its light source design that expands the colour gamut. This series comes with an additional RED laser, which, coupled with a high-performance colour wheel, is responsible for the exceptional colour reproduction.

Multifunctional Image Processing

The D9000Z Series is equipped with a high-end IC offering de-interlacing, scaling, warping, and edge-blending functionality to minimise delays and latency. It also supports geometric adjustments like wall corner correction and linearity correction, pincushion and barrel, as well as horizontal and vertical keystone correction. With the D9000Z, you can be confident that visuals will always be presented in the best possible light.

Simplified Projector Setup and Management

The D9000Z Series is available immediately and comes with Vivitek’s PJ-Control software for simplified projector setup and management. This user interface shortens the installation time and assists in managing installed projectors remotely. Moreover, the ViviCam App – a smartphone-based auto-calibration tool – helps to align multiple projectors effortlessly.

“Our D9000Z Series represents a significant advancement in large venue projection offerings,” said Holger Graeff, General Manager, Vivitek EMEA. “With its unparalleled brightness, image quality, and ease of installation and control, the D9000Z Series sets a new standard for brilliance and flexibility in the industry.”

Final Thoughts

The introduction of the D9000Z Series by Vivitek is a boon for large venue projections. With its exceptional brightness, vivid colour reproduction, superior image processing capabilities, and streamlined setup and management, it’s set to redefine the industry standards. However, it’s worth noting that these advancements come at a price. Whether the cost will be a barrier for some venues remains to be seen. Nonetheless, the D9000Z Series represents a significant step forward in large venue projection technology.


Q: What is the key feature of the D9000Z Series projectors?
A: The D9000Z Series projectors offer up to 27,000 lumens of brightness, providing exceptional clarity and vivid colours for large venues.

Q: How does Vivitek enhance colour reproduction in the D9000Z Series projectors?
A: Vivitek uses a blue laser combined with a high-performance colour wheel and an additional RED laser to expand the colour gamut, resulting in more vivid and lifelike images.

Q: What image processing capabilities are included in the D9000Z Series projectors?
A: The D9000Z Series features high-end IC with de-interlacing, scaling, warping, edge-blending functionality, geometric adjustments and keystone correction to ensure minimal delays and latency.

Q: How does Vivitek simplify projector setup and management for users?
A: Vivitek offers the PJ-Control software for easy setup of single or multiple projectors and the ViviCam App for smartphone-based auto-calibration to align multiple projectors, balance colours and manage installations remotely.

Q: What markets are the D9000Z Series projectors suitable for?
A: The D9000Z Series projectors are designed for large venues, including auditoriums, outdoor venues and immersive mapping applications, as well as for system integrators in the rental and staging markets.


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