TD Synnex combats phishing with a new tool for Microsoft cloud partners

Easy-to-deploy solution enables Microsoft Azure partners to safeguard small business customers against cryptomining and other fraudulent activity

TD SYNNEX has launched a new pre-configured anti-fraud solution that enables cloud partners to detect, prevent and remediate against potential attacks – and in particular will help to safeguard Microsoft Azure small business customers against the growing scourge of cryptomining.

Small businesses that do not have their own IT team or cybersecurity team can be especially vulnerable to this form of attack, where criminals hi-jack cloud accounts to spin-up servers that they then use to produce cryptocurrencies. The TD SYNNEX SMB Fraud Defender has been developed to help businesses increase the security posture of their cloud environment and thus reduce the risk of them falling foul of this practice and other fraudulent activities.

The easy-to-deploy, Click-To-Run solution, can be used to set up alerts for any potential misuse or fraudulent activity within their customers’ Azure environments. This vastly improves their ability to fend off phishing attacks and prevent cybercriminals gaining a point of entry through which they can set up tenants for cryptomining.

Darren Dixon, UK Microsoft business unit manager, TD SYNNEX, said: “Cybercrime is globally impacting organisations regardless of industry or company size with spear fishing being one of the most common techniques being used to gain initial organisational access. TD SYNNEX SMB Fraud Defender enables Microsoft CSP partners to better control their cloud environments whilst reducing risk in day-to-day cloud operations. It’s simple and cost-effective to deploy and most important of all, provides a line of defence for SMBs to counter these threats. It’s a brilliant way of adding value for customers and building up trust and loyalty.”

Key features of Fraud Defender include, multi-factor authentication (MFA) and identity, the ability to configure conditional access, geographic restrictions for logins and Azure cost management and alerting, which enables setting usage thresholds and notifications.

Fraud Defender has been in pilot for a number of weeks with several partners and is currently available at no charge to TD SYNNEX’s Microsoft CSP partners.


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