M247 Revamps Channel Partner Programme with New Benefits and London-based Partners Focus

M247, a Manchester-based global cloud and connectivity provider, has revamped its Channel Partner Programme with an aim to expand its focus to channel-based businesses in 2024 and beyond. This includes plans to increase their London-based partnerships. The programme offers a tier-based system, access to the My247 Portal, exclusive events and detailed cyber security audits. A new ‘London Loyalty’ promotion is also available for London-based partners, offering substantial rebates on fibre line circuits.

  • M247 has revamped its Channel Partner Programme to focus on channel-based businesses and increase partnerships in London.
  • The programme offers tier-based benefits, including access to the My247 Portal, exclusive events like the ‘Channel Lunch Club’, and cyber security audits.
  • London-based channel partners can earn rebates through the ‘London Loyalty’ promotion by signing up for specific fibre line circuits by 31 October 2024.

M247 Programme Re-Launch: A New Dawn for Channel Partners

M247, the Manchester-based cloud and connectivity provider, is setting its sights on a future where channel-based businesses play a more central role. As part of this vision, they’re re-launching their Channel Partner Programme. The revamp promises to bring a host of new benefits to partners and aims to bolster their business, especially among London-based partners.

More Than Just a Makeover

The fresh face of the Channel Partner Programme isn’t just for looks. It brings with it a plethora of benefits designed to improve the partner experience and foster growth. A highlight is the introduction of a tier-based system. Depending on growth and revenue contribution, partners can climb the ranks and unlock additional perks.

Reaping the Rewards: The Perks of Partnership

Joining M247’s Channel Partner Programme opens up a world of opportunities for partners. They gain immediate access to the My247 Portal, a platform that offers a quick overview of M247’s services and a dedicated partner dashboard.

Partners also get an invite to the quarterly ‘Channel Lunch Club’, a networking event where they can connect with peers and get the scoop on the latest industry trends from keynote speakers. Further, partners can count on thorough cyber security audits and in-depth post-incident reports to ensure their systems are secure.

Calling All London Partners: The ‘London Loyalty’ Promotion

M247 is also rolling out a ‘London Loyalty’ promotion, specifically aimed at channel partners based in the capital. They stand to earn significant rebates by signing up for new fibre line circuits. To qualify, partners’ customers should be located within London’s ‘FlexZone’ and must be connected to the fibre line circuits by 31 October 2024.

A Word from the Sales Director

Estelle Cameron, Sales Director at M247, shared her thoughts on the revamped programme:

“At M247, we believe that building great relationships is the key to our success and our Channel Partner Programme is built on the foundational belief that we can succeed together with our partners. The programme unlocks the door for us to create tailor-made account development plans, enablement sessions, and rebate programmes for our partners. And through promotional offers like our ‘London Loyalty’ scheme, we can bring fantastic value to our list of channel partners. By understanding their individual needs, the programme allows us to collaborate closely with our partners to help drive their business forward.”

Final Thoughts

The re-launch of M247’s Channel Partner Programme is a show of commitment to their partners. The new features and benefits are designed to enhance partner experience, promote growth and bring value to both parties. The ‘London Loyalty’ promotion is an interesting initiative, one that could significantly boost M247’s footprint in the capital. It’s clear that M247 recognises the value of strong relationships and is keen to foster these through its revamped programme. As we move towards 2024, it will be fascinating to see how this strategy unfolds and what impact it will have on the channel-based business landscape.


Q: What benefits can partners gain by joining M247’s Channel Partner Programme?
A: Partners that join the programme gain access to a tier-based system, exclusive events like the ‘Channel Lunch Club’, extensive cyber security audits and detailed post-incident reports.

Q: What is the ‘London Loyalty’ promotion offered by M247?
A: The ‘London Loyalty’ promotion allows London-based channel partners to earn substantial rebates by signing up for new fibre line circuits like 100Mb/1Gb and 1Gb/1Gb circuit lines for customers in London’s ‘FlexZone’.

Q: How can partners unlock new benefits in M247’s Channel Partner Programme?
A: Partners can rise through the ranks in the tier-based system by contributing towards growth and revenue, unlocking benefits such as access to the My247 Portal, exclusive events and more.


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