Giacom Hosts Imagine Nation: A Unique Festival-Themed Event for Partners

Giacom, a leading Cloud, Comms and Hardware services provider, is gearing up to host a one-of-a-kind, festival-themed event, Imagine Nation, on 27 June 2024 in London’s Southbank. Anticipated to draw over 1,000 Giacom partners, the event promises a unique experience with a lineup of tribute artists, celebrity guests and a variety of street food and drink options. The event, sponsored by Sky Business Wholesale, Microsoft, CityFibre, BT Wholesale, PXC, Pangea and Acronis is an exclusive celebration for Giacom partners.

  • Giacom is hosting Imagine Nation, a festival-themed event for over 1,000 Giacom partners in London on 27 June 2024.
  • The event is sponsored by Sky Business Wholesale, Microsoft, CityFibre, BT Wholesale, PXC, Pangea and Acronis, promising no sales pitches, just a celebration with street food, drinks and tribute artists.
  • Terry O’Brien, CEO of Giacom, expressed excitement for the event, inviting partners to book complimentary tickets and promising an unforgettable experience.

Imagine Nation: A Festival-Themed Event for the Channel

In a few weeks, London’s Southbank will play host to Imagine Nation, an event envisioned and organised by Giacom, but it won’t be your typical industry gathering. Imagine Nation is the channel’s inaugural festival-themed gathering, an experience for Giacom partners and a select group of special guests. The event’s sponsors include prominent names like Sky Business Wholesale, Microsoft, CityFibre, BT Wholesale, PXC, Pangea and Acronis.

An Event Beyond Sales Pitches

This event promises a breather from the usual sales pitches and PowerPoint presentations. Instead, it will be an evening of celebration and camaraderie. Picture a festival-like atmosphere, resplendent with street foods, a myriad of drinks, and a line-up of performers that would make any concert organiser envious.

Get Ready for Imagine Nation

Imagine Nation will feature tribute artists paying homage to music legends like Queen, Coldplay, Take That and Fleetwood Mac. Additionally, some well-known celebrity faces are expected to make guest appearances.

With the event just around the corner, preparations are in full swing. All Giacom partners should have received their invitations to book complimentary tickets to the event. Any partners who haven’t received an invitation are encouraged to contact their account managers.

CEO of Giacom, Terry O’Brien, shared his excitement about the upcoming event, saying:

“After years of anticipation, the concept for Imagine Nation is finally coming to life. I’m confident that our partners will be amazed by what we have in store, and we can’t wait to share this channel-first experience with all of you. Join us on June 27th for an unforgettable afternoon and evening!”

Final Thoughts

Imagine Nation promises a unique blend of networking, entertainment and celebration. It is a refreshing concept that breaks away from the monotony of traditional industry events. This festival-themed gathering provides a platform for partners to engage in a more relaxed and festive atmosphere. If you’re lucky to get an invite, you’re in for an unforgettable afternoon and evening on 27 June 2024.


Q: When and where will Imagine Nation take place?
A: Imagine Nation will take place on 27 June 2024, against the backdrop of London’s Southbank, near the London Eye.

Q: Who is invited to Imagine Nation?
A: Invitations for Imagine Nation are extended exclusively to Giacom partners and special guests.

Q: What can guests expect at Imagine Nation?
A: Guests can expect an evening of pure celebration with street foods, drink options, tribute artists and well-known celebrity appearances.

Q: How can Giacom partners secure tickets to Imagine Nation?
A: Giacom partners should have received an email inviting them to book their complimentary tickets. Partners who have not received an invitation can contact their account manager for assistance.


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