Breaking Boundaries: Boom HALO’s Business Edition Videobar

Boom Collaboration has launched a new version of its innovative HALO videobar, the Boom HALO Business Edition, which features expandable audio, perfect for larger rooms. This high-performance videobar comes with an additional microphone/speaker, providing crystal-clear audio and 4K video with enhanced AI facial framing. The Business Edition videobar overcomes the acoustic limitations of standard videobars, making it suitable for a broad range of uses. With advanced features like intelligent noise reduction, 120° wide angle field of view, 10x zoom, and smart mic array, the HALO Business Edition is set to enhance the meeting experience considerably.

  • Boom Collaboration has launched the HALO Business Edition, a videobar with expandable audio for larger rooms.
  • The HALO Business Edition features advanced audio and video capabilities, including a 4K UHD camera, six beamforming mics and high fidelity speakers.
  • The HALO Business Edition is available in white and black colours from UK distributor Westcoast and offers features like intelligent noise reduction, lossless audio and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

Introducing the Boom HALO Business Edition

A new edition of the innovative HALO videobar has been released by Boom Collaboration, a rapidly expanding video conferencing manufacturer. This iteration features a high-performance videobar coupled with a supplementary microphone/speaker, designed to significantly boost audio range in larger rooms.

Enhanced Sound for Bigger Spaces

The Boom HALO Business Edition seeks to overcome the inherent acoustic limitations often seen with standard videobars. This solution is designed for a variety of scenarios requiring a larger audio reach, such as flexible rooms, specific tasks, and expanding teams.

Fredrik Hörnkvist, Co-Founder of Boom Collaboration, emphasises the potential of the HALO videobar, stating:

“Our flagship Boom HALO videobar already features a 4K UHD camera, six beamforming mics and high fidelity speakers for a seamless collaboration experience. But as videobars are generally installed at the front of room there’s often limited flexibility for additional audio pick-up especially on a large scale.”

By adding an extra speaker/microphone, the device can extend its audio reach by three metres per device. This enhancement could prove pivotal in several scenarios, such as a quiet CEO struggling to be heard from the end of a boardroom or legal depositions.

Advanced Features for an Optimised Experience

The HALO videobar is available in white and black variants, boasting a suite of advanced features like intelligent noise reduction. The combination of a 120° wide angle field of view, 10x zoom, and a smart mic array allows the device to detect and focus on participants and speakers in real-time.

Holli Hulett, co-founder of Boom Collaboration, highlighted the superior audio quality of the videobar, stating that high-fidelity audio coupled with a 48kHz sampling rate and dual 10W speakers provide lossless audio* and full spectrum sound for meeting participants. Additional features such as Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility, a user-friendly remote control, and increased security measures add to the device’s appeal.

Final Thoughts

The Boom HALO Business Edition is an exciting evolution of the videobar, offering a solution to the historical limitations of audio reach in larger spaces. The addition of a supplementary microphone/speaker enhances audio capacity and provides greater flexibility. This product is a testament to Boom Collaboration’s ongoing vision to create better meetings, simply. With the continued rise in popularity of videobars, we can expect to see more innovative advancements in this field.

*lossless audio - roughly defined as a digital format that preserves all of the original audio information, resulting in a file that is identical to what was transmitted/spoken/sung etc. It means that no data is lost during the compression process, resulting in a high-quality audio file that should be indistinguishable from the original


Q: What are some key features of the Boom HALO Business Edition?
A: The Boom HALO Business Edition includes a high-performance videobar with a 4K UHD camera, six beamforming mics, high-fidelity speakers, intelligent noise reduction, a 120° wide angle field of view, 10x zoom, and a smart mic array.

Q: How does the additional microphone/speaker in the HALO Business Edition enhance audio capabilities?
A: The additional microphone/speaker in the HALO Business Edition extends audio by three metres for each device, ideal for scenarios like legal depositions or when a speaker is seated far from the videobar in a boardroom.

Q: What audio enhancements does the Boom HALO Business Edition offer?
A: The videobar provides high-fidelity audio with a 48kHz sampling rate, dual 10W speakers for lossless audio, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, and Automatic Gain Control for full duplex quality up to six metres away.

Q: How does the HALO Business Edition support privacy and security?
A: The videobar features Bluetooth 5.0 for easy device pairing, a user-friendly remote control, automatic privacy shutter, and the ability to disengage wireless connectivity for added security.


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